Slack Integration

Spokn App

Spokn is a podcasting platform for work. We help companies improve their internal communications, employee engagement, and training in audio – a format employees love. No Zoom fatigue here: with Spokn, employees can stay in the loop and learn new skills while they walk the dog or do the dishes. The Spokn Slack app makes it possible for employees to receive a Slack notification when an admin at their company pushes an audio to them. From the Slack notification screen, employees can click to choose whether to listen to the audio through Spokn’s webplayer, or through the Spokn mobile app.To use the Spokn Slack app.

Spokn admins should follow these steps:
1. Log into the Spokn admin portal
2. Navigate to Settings page by clicking the Settings icon on the bottom left
3. Select the Slack Integration tab
4. Select which Slack channel should receive Slack notifications from Spokn
5. Return to the portal home screen
6. Follow Spokn’s standard process for sending push notifications

* A paid account is required to use the app