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Slack Integration

Spokn is the fun, fast and async way for remote teams to connect from afar. On Spokn, employees can tune into Stories from across their company, or create their own Story together with their team to spark connections and build belonging.  Plus, employees can tune into podcasts from leaders for the updates and insights they need to succeed.

The Spokn app for Slack makes it possible for employees to receive a Slack notification when a Story, clip or podcast has been sent to them, or when they’ve been invited to contribute a clip.  From the Slack notification screen, employees can click to choose whether to view or contribute the content through Spokn’s web player, or through the Spokn mobile app.

To use The Spokn App for Slack,  Spokn Admins should follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Spokn Admin Portal at: https://admin.spokn.app/segments
  2. Navigate to Settings by clicking the Settings icon on the bottom left navigation bar
  3. Select the Slack Integration tab
  4. Return to the Admin Portal home screen
  5. Use Spokn’s standard tools for sending Slack notifications
Need a help with the steps? Please email us on hello@getspokn.com

** A paid account is required to use the app

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