Internal Communications

Easily turn your people into content creators

Stories Studio makes it easy to tap your leaders and employees as video content creators.

Why Stories?

Fast and Easy

No hours wasted on edits. Just invite your contributors then drag and drop their clips into the order you want.

No Production Costs

Employees can film authentic content on their own - with zero equipment or production costs.

A Format Younger Employees Love

Capture the attention of Gen Z and Millennial employees with the dynamic, bite-size format they adore

Embed Anywhere

Embed on your intranet, share on Slack or Teams, screen during an offsite, or play during an All Hands meeting.

Effortlessly engaginginternal comms

Celebrate Wins with a Bang

Stories help you announce milestones and highlight top performers with enthusiasm.

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Showcase Values, Culture & Diversity

Feature Stories that celebrate your culture and highlight diverse voices.

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Easy, Engaging Company Updates

Source clips from across departments to highlight big wins, major projects, and key occasions.

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Introduce New Initiatives with a Splash

Cut through the noise and communicate change in an attention-grabbing way.

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Showcase Offsites and Office Life

Use Stories to attract employees to the office and help remote hires feel 'in the loop.'

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The easiest way to create authentic  employee
videos in-house


Unique content that feels as fun and engaging as TikTok or Instagram.


Stories from peers and leaders and more relatable and meaningful.


No spending on an editor or special equipment. Plus, Stories are easy to update on-the-fly.

Bring the authentic voices of your leaders and employees to life

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