The human way to celebrate special moments

Employees are stretched like never before, but gifts are expensive and e-cards are impersonal.

Why Stories?

Make Recognition Personal

An authentic way for leaders to award top performers and for teammates to show they care.

Spend Less on Swag

Sending gifts is an expensive headache. Stories are less costly, more meaningful, and great for global teams.

Save Time with Automations

Integrations automate birthday and work anniversary Stories from A to Z.

Share Anywhere

Send Stories on Slack or Teams, embed them in your intranet or website, or share them on social media.

The more meaningfulway to recognize and engage employees

Celebrate Key Moments

Create joyful Stories for an employee's first day, work anniversary, birthday, parenthood or more.

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Recognize Top Performers

Enable leaders to easily congratulate top performers or values champions with with personal video Stories.

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Highlight Company Values & Culture

Tap voices from around the company to reinforce company values and traditions.

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Showcase Offsites and Office Life

Capture the energy and fun of office life and offsites, and help remote employees feel 'in the loop.'

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The easiest way to create authentic  employee
videos in-house


Unique content that feels as fun and engaging as TikTok or Instagram.


Stories from peers and leaders and more relatable and meaningful.


No spending on an editor or special equipment. Plus, Stories are easy to update on-the-fly.

The most personal way to recognize employees

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