Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The authentic way to amplify diverse voices

Spokn helps you easily celebrate heritage months and share stories that promote belonging.

Why Stories?

Empower Your DEI Influencers

ERGs, leaders and others can easily share stories that spark conversations and promote inclusion.

Video Content Made Easy

No special equipment, no film crew, and no hours wasted on editing.

Highlight Your DEI Commitments

Share Stories of inclusion on your careers page, website, and social media.

Elevate diverse voicesand Stories of inclusion

Celebrate Heritage Months

Provide employees with a platform to share their stories of identity and allyship during heritage months and awareness days.

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Create DEI Learning Nuggets

Give your ERG and DEI leaders an easy way to share insights on allyship, inclusive language, microaggressions, and more.

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Publicize DEI and ERG Activities

Encourage participation in employee resource groups, panels, workshops, volunteer activities, and more.

Start your first Story

The easiest way to create authentic  employee
videos in-house


Unique content that feels as fun and engaging as TikTok or Instagram.


Stories from peers and leaders and more relatable and meaningful.


No spending on an editor or special equipment. Plus, Stories are easy to update on-the-fly.

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