Skills to supercharge your startup – all in audio

A learning solution designed for the Millennial and Gen-Z Workforce.

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We Get Small Teams with Big Goals

Time is Tight

When you’re moving fast, it can be hard to set aside time to learn

HR is Stretched

No bandwidth for continuous staff development, and limited expertise

Budget is Small

Workshops and online courses are too costly – especially now

Easily Guide Learning – and See Results

Send and automate push notifications and personalize

Reinforce concepts between workshops or coaching sessions by sending related content via push notifications you can automate in advance.

Get data

A tab dedicated to your company enables you to nudge your people to listen to important content, which our experts can help you select.

Content that Informs and Engages

Tap the Learning Experts

Our curated content and playlists are designed by experts to meet the learning needs and operating realities of startups and SMEs.

Upload Your Own Content

Get your message heard by uploading your in-house content to Spokn.  You can use your own audio or rely on our narrating pros.

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