Talent development shouldn’t have to be hard

Spokn’s simple-but-powerful portal makes it easy for small HR teams to bring continuous learning to life - without breaking the bank.

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Talent Development Simplified

Nudge Learning with <Push>

Reinforce concepts between workshops or coaching sessions by sending related content via push notifications you can automate in advance.

Promote Your Learning Priorities

A tab dedicated to your company enables you to nudge your people to listen to important content, which our experts can help you select.

Tap the Learning Experts

Our curated content and playlists are designed by experts to meet the learning needs and operating realities of startups and SMEs.

Upload Your Own Content

Get your message heard by uploading your in-house content to Spokn.  You can use your own audio or rely on our narrating pros.

A Better Way to Invest in Your People

Automate to Save Time

Spokn’s queue lets you plan and automate <pushes> for your teams months in advance

Tap Executive Champions

Personalize pushes to come from your executives so they can promote company learning goals

Track Learning Analytics

Spokn crunches data so you can measure learning – whether for the company, teams or individuals
Bring Talent Development in Reach

You may not have the deep pockets of a large company, but that doesn’t mean your people need to learn any less.  Spokn’s simple-and-effective platform brings talent development in reach for small companies with big goals.

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