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Use Audio Storytelling to
Keep Your People
in the Loop

Learning for this Generation

Spokn is a Learning and Development (L&D) solution your employees will actually enjoy: it’s mobile, bite-sized and audio.

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Available on   iPhone,    Android
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Content Curated For You From The World’s Top Experts - all in audio

Finding the best content takesforever, so our learning experts curated it for you.  

The Core Skills Your Employees Need

Spokn helps employees master the “humanskills” that are crucial to success in fast-paced companies.  

The Spokn app is an easy, authentic way to keep your team in the loop and share the stories that make your startup different.

Managing People

Quick Tips for Managers

Give your managers the tools to lead their teams effectively.


Improve Communication Skills

Train your employees how to become more comfortable asking questions or speaking up in meetings.

Remote Work

Build Your Remote Muscles

Help team members develop better routines around working at home.


Develop More Leaders

Empower your employees to think more strategically so they can lead from every seat.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Build Greater Empathy & Awareness

Help employees learn how to treat their peers with kindness and inclusivity.


Improve Mindfulness & Resilience

Give employees the resources to thrive in their lives, as well as their careers.

Make Learning Stick - and Save Time

Spokn repurposes marketing tools to help small People teams engagetheir audience of learners.

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Push Notifications

send personalized push notifications to increase engagement

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pre-schedule drip campaigns to plan year-round L&D in minutes

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Empower Managers

manager scan easily recommend content to individuals or teams

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Upload Your Own Audios:

Tap internal experts to easily record audios for peer-to-peer learning.

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See the Data:

Learner analytics and statson trending topics help you make data-backed talent development decisions.

One tool, two solutions.

Improve internal communications and upskill your people - all on the same app, and all without Zoom fatigue.

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