Spokn makes learning stick

You invested a lot to power your people with skills like coaching, collaboration and leadership.  Now, make it stick.

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Get More from Your Learning + Development

Increase Learning Time

Spokn’s bite-size audio lets your people fit learning into their daily routine, increasing overall learning time and frequency.

Retention Boosters

Spokn bridges the gap between your trainings and online courses so you can overcome the ‘forgetting curve.’

Engagement Through Audio

Spokn enables companies to engage their people through audio to affirm company values and improve internal communication.
Bring Your Learning Culture to Life

Top Content – 100% in Audio

Spokn features 10-minute audio content from the top business schools, management firms and publishers in the world.

Share In-House Content

Give your people more convenient access to in-house podcasts or onboarding and training content by uploading and promoting it on Spokn.

Track Learning with Insights

Spokn crunches usage data so you can track learning across individuals and teams, and export data into other systems.
A Platform that Feels Like a Perk
Spokn’s app is designed to feel like a perk to encourage your people to integrate learning into their daily routines.

Guide Learning Powerfully – and Subtly

Nudge Learning with Push

Reinforce concepts between workshops or coaching sessions by sending related content via push notifications you can automate in advance.

Promote Your Learning Priorities

A tab dedicated to your company enables you to nudge your people to listen to content that reflects your learning priorities and company values.
The Best Resources - Curated in Audio

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